On Rose Hill Road sits a magical place where I have spent many summers since birth.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place where the salt air fills your lungs, where the sea breeze blows all the way home on your sandy road stroll to your little white bungalow near the sea. When you arrive, children are running, playing and laughing. Suntanned generations of family are sharing a meal around a big long table while salt air blows through the open windows. The evening ends with a game of Scrabble, a debate over politics, or which celebrities were spotted out at the local restaurants last night.


To look at the place, it isn't much, but to me it is full of moments, precious moments, that have shaped generations of my family. It is not perfect, but through my "lens" it is my perfect place to be. 


Welcome to "my" Rose Hill Road, where babies laugh, siblings share secrets and parents actually play. Where something as small as a glimmer in an eye, a game of tag or a drippy popscicle is a memory to be cherished. My images are truly how I see the world. Often, we miss the little things, I want to make sure you can hold onto those little things for generations to come.


I am more than honored to have the opportunity to photograph your family's moments through my "rose" colored lens!




© 2014 by Rosehill Road Photography 


*All photos are property of Rose Hill Road Photography and are not to be reproduced in any way

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