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About ME!

I specialize in capturing the unique and natural personalities of high school seniors. I have two teen boys of my own, am married to my high school sweetheart and as a former high school guidance counselor, I have a passion for connecting with teens.  I truly understand how important it is to document and hold onto the memories of this special time in our lives. I strive to make sure each of my clients feels comfortable, confident and supported throughout the entire process. I am fortunate live a life where I can meld my love for working with teens to my love for photography creating works of art that will bring a smile to your face and a spark of nostalgia to your heart.

I get it, Mom and Dad, this time isn't easy for you either, let's wrap what's left of it into a beautiful portrait! Let me capture the NOW that will last you a lifetime!

About Kiersten

I grew up surrounded by the smell of turpentine and still wet oil paintings while I painted with my grandfather in his NYC basement. We would spend hours painting over the already painted canvases trying to perfect one of his many crafts. He was my first inspiration and introduction to the world of creativity. As life went on and I grew up, I took various art classes and never quite painted what I saw the way that I saw it. Then I discovered photography!


My children made me stop to see the beauty in the little things around me. I wanted to savor every minute. With a camera, I could do it. I could take a snapshot in time that actually looked like what I was thinking!


​Fast forwarding to fills me up. It fills my heart, it fills my mind, it requires me to be present, it challenges me and allows me to continue to grow in a direction that has always felt natural to me.

It enables me to put on paper those little snapshots in time, whether it be with my family, my friends or yours. Life is really in the little things. In the people. In the relationships. In the nuances. In the simplicity of it all.


If everything material was lost tomorrow, I would wish most for my snapshots in time.


Wouldn't you?

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